Solar safety: Until now, the major problem of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems is that there has been no safe way to isolate rooftop panels. The Remote Solar Isolator - Safety switch for solar

A thought on solar safety

With the number of solar installations in Australia, reaching a million and with recent fires involving solar panels, questions are being asked: what are the safety implications to home owners, electrical workers and emergency personnel of these installations? What can be done to make them safer?

Until now, the major problem of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems is that there has been no safe way to isolate rooftop panels and reduce the generation of potentially lethal direct current (DC) voltages. Even by using a recommended shutdown procedure or the DC/PV isolators that are installed on every solar PV installation, lethal DC voltages are still generated throughout the panels and their associated wiring.

The Solar Safety ShutOFF™ was developed in order to combat this issue, which is a recognised safety concern of emergency services and solar regulatory authorities around the world. Solar Safety ShutOFF™ is an Australian-owned, designed and manufactured product, which allows for safe access to any building fitted with solar panels. Solar Safety ShutOFF limits any lethal solar voltage to the safety of Extra Low Voltage as per Australian Standard 3000/2007 and has also successfully completed compliance testing for AS3100.

When a Solar Safety ShutOFF™ is fitted to a home or business, anyone may safely reduce the generation of electricity by the solar panels, simply by flicking a switch at the meter board or in an emergency, by remotely disconnecting power at the nearest substation. This then provides a SAFE environment for all home owners, emergency personnel and tradespeople to access the solar PV system. In the case of flood, fire or cyclone, the Remote Solar Isolator™ ensures street power is isolated and that there is no chance of solar panels generating lethal voltages and back feeding into the electricity grid. The Remote Solar Isolator™ ensures safe roof access without the risk of fire or an electric shock from solar panels.

A thought on solar safety

Solar Safety ShutOFF - The most technologically advanced protection system involving solar generation.

  • Provides single source solution that exceeds requirements for compliance with NEC 690.12.
  • Provides true instantaneous module level shut down.
  • Allows anyone to access the roof and solar array at any time and under any circumstances, including fire, without fear of a dangerous or potentially lethal electric shock.
  • Works instantly at the flip of a switch, or automatically when either the grid is shut down or when the thermal sensor senses sufficient heat from a fire.
  • Prevents any chance of solar panels backfeeding into the grid when the grid is down.
  • Emergency services would have an immediate and unrestricted path to attack a fire or emergency situation rather than lose precious time performing risk assessments or not be willing to go on the roof from concern over electric shock.
  • Electricians would be able to work on the array and change faulty solar panels or cables knowing that NO dangerous or lethal voltage can be generated.
  • Anyone would have safe access to work on or just near the array without fear of finding themselves in a hazardous situation caused by a hidden or unknown fault or damage to the array.
  • Prevents potential for electric shock if salt or other contaminants have become mixed with water used for cleaning or firefighting.
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