Solar Safety Switch RSIA2

Solar Safety at its BEST!

When the Solar Safety ShutOFF is fitted to your home, anyone may stop the generation of electricity of the solar panels simply by following the standard solar shutdown procedure. In an emergency, when access to the meter box is limited the entire solar array may be deactivated, removing all lethal dc voltages just by disconnecting […]

Solar safety: Until now, the major problem of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems is that there has been no safe way to isolate rooftop panels. The Remote Solar Isolator - Safety switch for solar

A thought on solar safety

With the number of solar installations in Australia, reaching a million and with recent fires involving solar panels, questions are being asked: what are the safety implications to home owners, electrical workers and emergency personnel of these installations? What can be done to make them safer? Until now, the major problem of solar photovoltaic (PV) […]

The engineered Solar Safety ShutOFF is the most technologically advanced protection system involving solar generation.

National Solar Safety Warning

Accessing a roof with solar panels could place tradespeople, emergency services and homeowners at risk of electrocution because the generation of lethal DC voltage cannot be stopped, even after isolating the DC isolator at the switchboard and the PV isolator on the roof! Underwriters Laboratories Inc* has found that a damaged solar array is capable […]