Safe Work NSW Finalist

Solar Safety ShutOFF – Solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue Safework NSW awarded Remote Solar Isolator a finalist in the 2016 Safework Awards for best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue. All string inverter solar installations cannot remove the lethal d.c. voltages required for solar generation. Solar panels continue […]

Solar Safety ShutOFF fitted

Reduce fire risk on all solar installations

We hear about numerous solar installations catching fire, being from poor quality components to poor installation practices. Numerous recalls for DC isolators have also been put in place with many still in service. As solar ages all components will have an increased risk of failure. I have heard numerous reports over the years with some […]

Solar Safety ShutOFF Install

You definitely have our support

2GB’s Ross Greenwood introduced Joe Hudson to his listeners on ‘Business Sunday’ as the winner of the July 2014 ‘2GB and Momentum Energy Small Business Success Awards’. “Mmm.” I thought. “I wonder what Joe’s achieved.” An inventor? That’s clever. Something called the ‘Remote Solar Isolator’. My ears pricked up. I realised this man’s story was […]

Solar panel fire

Family memories lost as fire destroys home

“What was once a beautiful family home was reduced to ash this week – and it’s possible it could have been prevented.” With the number of dc isolator recalls and resulting in an increase of solar panel system fires, there is no better time to install a Solar Safety ShutOFF with Arc detection. It covers […]

Solution to Rooftop Solar Panel Fires

The Solution to Rooftop Solar Panel Fires

By Liz Nelson. When it comes to a house fire, the men in yellow arrive to battle the blaze as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Able to attack the fire from any angle, these individuals put themselves on the line to win this fight. What if the home had rooftop solar panels installed? The […]

Manuka Chaff and SunUp Solar take solar safety to the next level

Manuka Chaff and SunUp Solar take solar safety to the next level

The Quirindi Advocate, Wednesday, November 20, 2013 Manuka Chaff, on the Kamilaroi Highway at Quirindi through their solar supplier Sunup Solar is the first in the region to install the Remote Solar Isolator solar safety system on their new 25kw, 95 panel solar PV system. The Remote Solar Isolator is an award winning, Australian designed […]

Solar safety: Until now, the major problem of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems is that there has been no safe way to isolate rooftop panels. The Remote Solar Isolator - Safety switch for solar

A thought on solar safety

With the number of solar installations in Australia, reaching a million and with recent fires involving solar panels, questions are being asked: what are the safety implications to home owners, electrical workers and emergency personnel of these installations? What can be done to make them safer? Until now, the major problem of solar photovoltaic (PV) […]

Safety switch for your roof

Solar Safety ShutOFF for your roof

Remember the days before the safety switch became compulsory to install in new homes? At the time, we just relied on several standard circuit breakers in the fuse box to keep us safe. Provided we didn’t accidentally electrocute ourselves, it was a bullet we could easily dodge, and a price we didn’t have to pay. […]

The engineered Solar Safety ShutOFF is the most technologically advanced protection system involving solar generation.

National Solar Safety Warning

Accessing a roof with solar panels could place tradespeople, emergency services and homeowners at risk of electrocution because the generation of lethal DC voltage cannot be stopped, even after isolating the DC isolator at the switchboard and the PV isolator on the roof! Underwriters Laboratories Inc* has found that a damaged solar array is capable […]