Solar Safety Switch RSIA2

Solar Safety at its BEST!

When the Solar Safety ShutOFF is fitted to your home, anyone may stop the generation of electricity of the solar panels simply by following the standard solar shutdown procedure. In an emergency, when access to the meter box is limited the entire solar array may be deactivated, removing all lethal dc voltages just by disconnecting the incoming power at the house, the street or the nearest substation. This then provides a SAFE environment for all emergency personnel, tradespeople and you to access the solar PV system and roof knowing that NO lethal voltages are being generated anywhere in your solar installation including the solar panels and associated wiring.

  • This system provides the ability to switch off any solar generator, providing a safe environment for anyone accessing a roof.
  • Uses the latest air gap isolation techniques providing up to 8mm air gap in less than 5 milliseconds
  • Provides true instantaneous module level shut down isolation.
  • When ShutOFF leaves zero voltage potential anywhere in system
  • Automatically shuts Off when heat from a fire is detected or grid power is removed
  • Prevents solar panels back feeding into the grid.
  • Allows emergency services an immediate and unrestricted path to attack a fire or emergency situation rather than lose precious time performing risk assessments or not be willing to go on the roof due to high risk of electric shock.
  • Electricians would be able to work on the array and change faulty components knowing that NO dangerous or lethal voltage can be generated.
  • Anyone would have safe access to work on or just near the array without fear of finding themselves in a hazardous situation caused by an unknown fault or damage to the array.
  • Prevents potential for electric shock when cleaning solar panels.
  • Is compatible with Arc Detection Units which therefore provide the ultimate solar safety system with 24/7 Safety monitoring and control.


Solar Safety ShutOFF - A true safety switch for solar
The engineered Solar Safety ShutOFF is the most technologically advanced protection system involving solar generation. Solar Safety Solution for everyone.
IOAMA: Invented, Owned, Approved, Manufactured, 100% Australian
Innovative Product of the Year (2012)
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