Safe Work NSW Finalist

Solar Safety ShutOFF - Solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue

Safework NSW awarded Remote Solar Isolator a finalist in the 2016 Safework Awards for best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue.

All string inverter solar installations cannot remove the lethal d.c. voltages required for solar generation. Solar panels continue to combine and generate lethal d.c. voltages even if damaged creating unpredictable current paths making roofs, gutters, modules and frames live. Even when following the standard shutdown procedure, it is unsafe to access the roof for homeowners, maintenance and tradesmen, and emergency personnel like fire-fighters and SES.

Solar Safety ShutOFF is a unique Australian designed and manufactured safety device for solar.
* Eliminates the issue of lethal d.c. voltage by controlling the solar panels before they combine
* Automatically shuts down when the grid power is disconnected or excessive heat is detected from the solar array
* Provides the ability for any operator to stop the output voltage generated by any solar array even when the sun is shining
* Eliminates the risk of electric shock to the operator
* Can be retrofitted to any existing solar installation
* Requires no additional training to operate

The Solar Safety ShutOFF is easy to install and provides the safety expected on any worksite.

Also recognised by the electrical industry, Remote Solar Isolator won Innovative Product of the Year at the National Annual Excellence Awards held by the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) and Master Electricians Australia (MEA).

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