Solar Safety ShutOFF fitted

Reduce fire risk on all solar installations

We hear about numerous solar installations catching fire, being from poor quality components to poor installation practices. Numerous recalls for DC isolators have also been put in place with many still in service. As solar ages all components will have an increased risk of failure. I have heard numerous reports over the years with some claiming in 2013 that there has never been a solar fire! The fact is that solar is a cause of fire and was never included as a statistic when the fire authorities produced their reports. This has now changed. We note fires relating to solar installations are now increasing on a daily basis and with summer fast approaching the risk of solar related fires will also increase. In Australia we do not have any form of protection on the majority of solar installations highlighting the fact that if a series arc occurs the system continues to generate and can literally feed the fire.

Remote Solar Isolator Pty Ltd have developed the Solar Safety ShutOFF which has been fully tested and has won the Innovative Product of the year from Master Electricians. It seems that many band aid solutions to this issue are being thrown around however, Solar Safety ShutOFF is a real Australian owned and manufactured engineering solution that is pro-active to the issue. For any further information please email

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