Manuka Chaff and SunUp Solar take solar safety to the next level

Manuka Chaff and SunUp Solar take solar safety to the next level

The Quirindi Advocate, Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Manuka Chaff, on the Kamilaroi Highway at Quirindi through their solar supplier Sunup Solar is the first in the region to install the Remote Solar Isolator solar safety system on their new 25kw, 95 panel solar PV system.

The Remote Solar Isolator is an award winning, Australian designed and manufactured solar safety system, which addresses the safety concerns of all solar PV installations. Until now, the major problem of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems is that there has been no safe way to isolate rooftop panels and stop the generation of lethal direct current (dc.) Voltages.

When installed the Remote Solar Isolator limits any lethal solar d.c. Voltage to the safety of Extra Low Voltage as per Australian Standard 3000/2007. This allows for safe access to the roof of any building fitted with solar panels for all home owners, emergency service personnel and tradespeople.

The Remote Solar Isolator can be turned on/off manually at the switchboard or as remote as the local substation and will automatically turn off it if detects a fire.

The system is so advanced it addresses the latest Maintenance and Safety requirements of Australian Solar Standards DR5033.

Manuka Chaff wanted to ensure that their assets and their people were fully protected. The Remote Solar Isolator can be fitted to any new or existing solar PV system.

For further information please contact Amy Baker at SunUp Solar 1300 433 126 or visit

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