Solar panel fire

Family memories lost as fire destroys home

“What was once a beautiful family home was reduced to ash this week – and it’s possible it could have been prevented.”

With the number of dc isolator recalls and resulting in an increase of solar panel system fires, there is no better time to install a Solar Safety ShutOFF with Arc detection. It covers all aspects of solar panel safety during an emergency, maintenance or when access to the roof is required.

If a Solar Safety ShutOFF with a combined Arc Detection unit is installed on solar installations there would be a continuous monitoring for even the smallest series arc. During a fire, first responders can flick a switch at the power box, or cut power to the building and the Solar Safety ShutOFF isolates panels leaving no lethal voltage or arcing throughout the panels, dc isolator, connectors or any associated wiring. An automated alarm would also sound at the switchboard alerting the owner of an issue with the solar array.

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Family memories lost as fire destroys home

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