Remote Solar Isolator – Safety Switch for Solar

When a Remote Solar Isolator is fitted to your home or business, anyone may stop the solar panels generating lethal DC Voltage simply by following the standard solar shutdown procedure.

Remote Solar Isolator

The Remote Solar Isolator is the most technologically advanced safety system available for solar generation.

The Remote Solar Isolator is designed to integrate seamlessly into any solar array without affecting its performance or appearance. It splits strings of solar panels to the safety of Extra Low Voltage removing lethal d.c. voltages generated by both domestic and commercial solar installations. This is of utmost importance during an emergency and is recommended by the latest Australian Standards as a safe procedure for maintenance. .

The Remote Solar Isolator has been tested and fully complies with Australian / New Zealand Standards (AS/NZ 3100:2009 ; AS/NZ 61000.6.3:2007 C-Tick mark) and exceeds the latest NEC 690.12 safety specifications by providing instant module level shutdown capability.

Remote Solar Isolator - The most technologically advanced protection system involving solar generation.

  • Provides a single source solution that exceeds requirements for compliance of NEC 690.12.
  • Uses the latest air gap isolation techniques providing up to 8mm air gap in less than 5 milliseconds
  • Provides true instantaneous module level shut down isolation.
  • Removes lethal d.c. Voltages on any solar array providing a safe environment for all
  • Automatically shuts down if it detects heat from a fire
  • Prevents solar panels back feeding into the grid.
  • Allows emergency services an immediate and unrestricted path to attack a fire or emergency situation rather than lose precious time performing risk assessments or not be willing to go on the roof from concern of electric shock.
  • Electricians would be able to work on the array and change faulty solar panels or cables knowing that NO dangerous or lethal voltage can be generated.
  • Anyone would have safe access to work on or just near the array without fear of finding themselves in a hazardous situation caused by a hidden or unknown fault or damage to the array.
  • Prevents potential for electric shock when cleaning solar panels with water

When an Remote Solar Isolator is fitted to your home, anyone may stop the generation of electricity of the solar panels simply by following the standard solar shutdown procedure. In an emergency, when access to the meter box is limited the entire solar array may be deactivated and reduced to Extra Low Voltage just by disconnecting the incoming power at the house, the street or the nearest substation. This then provides a SAFE environment for all emergency personnel, tradespeople and you to access the solar PV system and roof knowing that NO lethal voltages are being generated anywhere in your solar installation including all wiring between the panels.

Remote Solar Isolator: safety switch for solar

Remote Solar Isolator: safety switch for solar

Remote Solar Isolator: free mobile app

Remote Solar Isolator: free mobile app

Remote Solar Isolator: Module Level Isolation

Remote Solar Isolator: Module Level Isolation

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Radio 2GB interview with CEO of Remote Solar Isolator

Remote Solar Isolator CEO Joe Hudson talks to 2GB Radio Ross Greenwood about solar panels and the safety of electricians, emergency services, the general public and homeowners.

Ross Greenwood notes solar panels are everywhere - schools and public buildings and discusses with Joe Hudson on the impacts. One of the latest concerns are road side solar panel farms. What if a car runs off the road and ploughs into the solar panels. How can emergency services rescue the trapped?

The Remote Solar Isolator allows save access to the solar array at any time and under any circumstances, including fire, without fear of a dangerous or potentially lethal electric shock.

National Solar Safety Warning

National Solar Safety Warning
Accessing a roof with solar panels could place tradespeople, emergency services and homeowners at risk of electrocution because the generation of lethal DC voltage cannot be stopped, even after isolating the DC isolator at the switchboard and the PV isolator on the roof! Underwriters Laboratories…

Innovative product of the year

Innovative product of the year
Remote Solar Isolator won Innovative Product of the Year (2012) at the National Annual Excellence Awards held by the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) and Master Electricians Australia (MEA) Underwriters Laboratories Inc issued a report dated November 29, 2011 titled “Firefighter Safety and Photovoltaic Installations Research…

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