Remote Solar Isolator – Manufacturers & Distributors of the Australian made “Solar Safety ShutOFF”

Remote Solar Isolator manufactures the world's only Solar Safety ShutOFF. When this device is fitted to your home or business, anyone may stop the solar panels generating lethal DC Voltage simply by following the standard solar shutdown procedure.

Solar Safety ShutOFF

Solar Panel Safety is non existent unless you incorporate a Solar Safety ShutOFF. This Safety Switch for Solar enables operators total control of their solar installation. The ability to provide rapid shut down of solar panels under any conditions provides total peace of mind. The Solar Safety ShutOFF leaves no d.c. voltages circulating in any commercial or domestic solar array.

The Solar Safety ShutOFF is designed to integrate seamlessly into any solar array without affecting its performance or appearance. It shuts off selected portions of any solar array,  removing any combination of lethal d.c. voltage. This then provides safe access for Emergency Services, Home Owners and Maintenance Personnel.

The Solar Safety ShutOFF is cost effective and easily fitted to any new or any existing solar installation worldwide. Truly Making Solar Safe!

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