Solar Safety ShutOFF is the most technologically advanced protection system for your solar

Designed to integrate seamlessly into any solar array without affecting its performance or appearance

Solar Safety ShutOFF - Solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue.

Remote Solar Isolator Pty Ltd has designed and manufactured a unique electro mechanical safety switch for solar panel installations. This new innovation is a solution to address the issue of lethal d.c. voltage and enables safe roof access to any solar installation even when the sun is shining.

Solar panels can continue to combine and generate lethal voltage between themselves and associated wiring. This creates a situation where even though the solar array is in shutdown mode as per Australian Standards, the risk of electrocution still exists for building occupants, tradespeople and emergency workers.

We have designed a novel approach to the isolation of electrical current generated by solar panels in a solution called Solar Safety ShutOFF. Currently, no form of solar panel isolation has the ability to remove lethal d.c. voltage from the solar array using air gap technology. The Solar Safety ShutOFF removes this risk by isolating the panels in such a way as to stop the combination of solar panels. This leaves the maximum voltage on a solar array limited to extra Low Voltage or zero volts instead of the current lethal voltage of up to 600V d.c.

When a Solar Safety ShutOFF is fitted to a residential or commercial building, anyone may stop the generation of electricity from the solar panels simply by following the standard solar shutdown procedure. In an emergency, when access to the meter box is limited the entire solar array may be deactivated and reduced to Extra Low Voltage just by disconnecting the incoming power at the house, the street or the nearest substation. This is not available with any other isolation system. The environment is then safe for all emergency personnel, tradespeople and the occupants to access the solar PV system and roof in the knowledge that NO lethal voltages are being generated anywhere in the solar installation including all wiring between the panels.


Module Level Isolation

Solar Safety ShutOFF is the first module level solar safety device capable of providing full air gap isolation for both domestic and commercial installations.

Industry Awarded

Won Innovative Product of the Year (2012) at the National Annual Excellence Awards held by the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) and Master Electricians Australia (MEA)

Maximum Protection

Compatible with Arc Detection Units, the Solar Safety ShutOFF provides the ultimate solar safety system with 24/7 safety monitoring and control. This safety solution can switch off any solar generator providing a safe environment for anyone accessing the roof.

A True Solar Safety Switch

The Solar Safety ShutOFF provides a SAFE environment for all emergency personnel, tradespeople and you to access the solar PV system and roof knowing that no lethal voltages are being generated anywhere in your solar installation including the solar panels and associated wiring.


I am writing to thank you for the service you provided with the supply and installation of your Solar Safety ShutOFF to my solar panel array at my home in Balmain. The installation was most efficiently carried out by your electricians and my wife and I now feel much safer in our home with the protection of your S.S.S. device. Our best wishes to your Company for its future endeavours...

Stan & Val, NSW

I get on the roof regularly to retrieve tennis balls and other things the kids throw up there. I wanted to install solar but I had heard about the issues with solar panels and the inability to stop the generation of lethal DC voltages. I didn’t really want to put my family nor myself at risk. The installation of Solar Safety ShutOFF went smoothly and works like a dream. Proud to be the first in Tassie to install the Solar Safety ShutOFF. We wouldn’t have installed solar without it.

David & Nicole, TAS

I would like to say how impressed and excited I am now that my Solar Safety ShutOFF has been installed, knowing my solar is now totally safe.

Richard, NSW

2GB's Ross Greenwood introduced Joe Hudson to his listeners on 'Business Sunday' as the winner of the July 2014 '2GB and Momentum Energy Small Business Success Awards'.  "Mmm." I thought. "I wonder what Joe's achieved." An inventor? That's clever. Something called the 'Solar Safety ShutOFF'. My ears pricked up.

We can only be grateful to someone like Joe (and his team) for taking the initiative and making it his passion to create and evolve a product which has Aussie home and business owners' safety concerns front and centre. This is a fantastic Aussie home-grown and made product Joe, and you definitely have our support!

Karin & David, NSW